• malt-extract-syrup

    Malt Extract Syrup

    This product is a high-energy source and contains no fat or cholesterol. Malt Extract Syrup is made up of carbohydrates, predominantly maltose, proteins, B group vitamins and trace elements. Applications for this high-grade product are virtually limitless. It is an invaluable ingredient in the manufacture of malted beverages, biscuits, breakfast cereals, sweets, confectionery, ice cream and desserts.

    Malt Extract Syrup is available in the following packaging: Road Tanker, 1400 kg Steri Bin, 14000l Liqui Bin, 300kg Plastic Drum, 70kg Plastics Drum, and 40kg Cubicans.

  • Malt-Flour-Ceareal2

    Malt Flour

    Malt Flour has diastastic activity and is particularly suited to fermented bakery goods. Stone-milled to a fine flour, this product is manufactured from superior quality Malt. In crackers, Malt Flour improves crust colour, aids sheeting and can help improve manufacturing efficiencies through lowering of baking times or termperatures. In both panned and hearth breads, Malt Flour improves flow, gas retention, volume and proof. Dry mixes, such as those for the preparation of pancakes and waffles, can benefit from the addition of both Malt Extract Powder and Malt Flour.
    Malt flour is sold in 25kgs bags.

  • Malt-Extract-powder-1

    Malt Extract Powder

    This free flowing, amber coloured powder is particularly suited to dry mix applications. The dry powder is equivalent to the original liquid form in terms of flavour, colour and sweetness. When mixed with wheaten flour, it readily disperses to produce smooth dough that conveniently and efficiently adds a Malt flavour to bread and biscuits. Dry mix applications including powdered soups, sauces, gravies and specialist nutritional formulations such as infant food benefit from the addition of Malt Extract Powder.
    Malt Extract Powder is sold in 25 kg bags.

  • Barley-Flour-cereal3

    Barley Flour

    Barley Flour is a rich source of dietary fibre, inhibits cholesterol biosynthesis and has no known allergenic reactions. Stone-milled to the highest standards, it is ideal for usage in baby and infant food formulations.
    Barley Flour is sold in 25 kg bags.

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